Hello World!

Hi, this is my online journal created to share our story and adventures in parenting, travel and life with Bubu and his new baby brother.
There is often so much I want to share that I can’t fit into a square box on Instagram, so here we are – Outside the Box, and I hope you enjoy what we have to share!
In this first post, I share images of Jake’s first hours and days of life, and that precious, priceless moment when the brothers meet for the first time.

Love, Tjin, Bubu and Baby Jake xxx

Such tiny, precious little hands!

He’s curious!

Can I pet him?

Just hours old!
Jake arrived weighing in at 3.45kg at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

We booked The Studio Loft to document the first meeting of the two brothers. While it was tiring for me, on the same day as the birth which was in the morning, I’m definitely glad we did it, because the photos capture a truly priceless first moment. We also did prepare the “Baby Gift” – a gift for the older sibling from the new arrival, apparently this helps with goodwill! I’m not sure about the goodwill, but his gift of a new truck definitely kept Bubu occupied for the next three days!

Daddy, what’s that!

It’s your baby brother, Bubu!

Daddy getting to know the new guy

And three days later, we are ready to go home!

4 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Hi Tjin! Congrats on your online journal!! It’s really fabulous & I’m loving it so much… love your writing style as well as the many lovely photos of Bubu & Baby Jake…. You take awesome pictures my dear! Can’t wait to see more articles & photos of your beautiful family outings & adventures on your online journal…. 😘😍❤️👍🏼👏🏼 XOXO, Winnie


  2. Hello Tjin
    My name is Hyejin.
    I followed your instagram ramdomly and just loved your son Bubu! Because I have a son at the similar age. And I am in love with Singapore so much! Love your photos and journals! Looking forward to interesting pictures and stories!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for popping by! This is a great way for me to share more, I think we have so many wonderful places to bring toddlers and kids in SG – I can’t understand why locals often complain it’s boring, so this is one way to share the new places and fun things to do. I hope you and your son try some of these cool places next time you’re in town!


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