Welcome Little Man! Jake’s First Month Party

Life can get a little monotonous during the first month of confinement, so for my own enjoyment, I started planning Baby Jake’s first month celebration. Since so much thought and effort was put into the little event, I decided share my resources and kiddie party planning tips!

We started by finding a venue that I love, chose a theme (Welcome Little Man, with colour scheme of black and white with touches of baby blue) and I went about sourcing gifts and little details that would make the party special. Once again, I’m going to let the photos do the talking!

The Invitation:  I used an image from his Newborn shoot by The Studio Loft. I added in text using an iPhone app called Over, it took 5 minutes – easy peasy! 

The Venue:  The Luxe at 1 Keong Saik Road, this is an Australian-style cafe next to the Working Capitol, and is a beautiful, welcoming space graced with natural sunlight. I fell in love with it for Jake’s party the minute I saw it.

The Welcome Table:   I filled it with little items and gifts for the guests like Kids’ Fedoras and images of Baby Jake in photo frames. I rented the chalkboard signage from Dreams & Confetti at Dempsey.

The Details: Baby bottles for guests to fill with baby blue kisses (from Candylicious at VivoCity), mini cupcakes in the colour scheme provided by Luxe, and a party hashtags so we could see the pictures shared by our friends #hellobabyjake

Gift bags for all the guests – filled with a customized selection of gifts – Bow Ties for the men, Mustache knuckleduster rings for the women, Bunny night lights for the kids and cookies for everyone baked by Jake’s grandma.   I designed and ordered customized sticker labels online from Evermine, with his name on them for all the bags and items in the door gift.  The letter pressed Thank You notes below are by Carda

All set! Even Big Brother Bubu is dressed to the theme!

Guests arrive (here’s another tip, we staggered the timing to avoid over-crowding for the little VIP, 3pm for Family and 4pm for Friends), and as hoped – the little guests love their bunny rabbits! 

Baby Jake wakes up just for a while to grace his beautiful guests with a half-smile.       

The ladies having a little fun with the Baby Bottles of Kisses xxx

It’s easy to see why Bubu thinks it’s his party.  

Baby Jake’s Balmoral carriage by Silver Cross, and portraits that we made specially for the party.   

A close up on a little guest, and one of the Black and White balloon bouquets.

Goodbye everyone, and Thank You for joining us!

Event photography by John of Episode Photography http://www.episodephotography.sg

7 thoughts on “Welcome Little Man! Jake’s First Month Party

  1. How lovely it is! Anyway it’s interesting. In Korea newborn babies are very big celebrated when they’re 100 days and 1 year old. This place looks so delight and bright that I want to visit one day when I’m back to Singapore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I ordered them from Etsy from a store called Priceless Kids, but they were terrible this year (didn’t reply at all) so we got a local supplier, which would work out better cos you aren’t paying shipping fees. Quality of the Ts this year was only so-so, so I’ll be looking for another supplier and wouldn’t recommend the ones we got this year!


  2. Hi Tjin, lovely party and thanks for sharing. I am planning my son full month celebration as well and wondering where did you get the mustache balloons from? Heaps of thanks in advance!


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