Making A Mini Me 

      I’ve always been curious about 3D digital printing, and when the opportunity came to make a Uu 3D miniature figurine of Bubu and myself, I jumped at the experience!     

       What is significantly different about the technology offered this time round vs a year ago when Uu figurines were first available, is that the creators have come up with the camera technology to capture fast-moving children (and pets)!     

      What to wear? They suggested that we come “as we are”, in clothes that we are comfortable in, or that represent us. I dressed Bubu in his favorite Whistle & Flute T and distressed denim shorts. I would have put his beloved gold winged shoes on him, but we were advised that the technology doesn’t capture metallic colors so well. 

      In the past, with less sophisticated technology, you would have to stand still for at least 2 minutes each time while they captured multiple images of you from around 6 different angles (about half an hour of standing and posing in all). This was to give them a 360 degree capture of their subject so they could channel it into the 3D printing.   

       I’m so stoked that Bubu was the first little one captured by this new technology by Uu, where it was difficult or impossible before to shoot babies and restless toddlers, the new setup which features 80 cameras in a 360 degree surround setup (The Rig) they needed only one second to capture my intrepid son!   

      The whole process was pretty painless. Took only minutes for each of us.  You go 15 minutes before your scheduled timing to check your hair and attire, step into the rig (a circle of cameras), they take 3 shots – and you’re done! 
      The images captured are then sent to Japan for printing and editing, where they choose the best of the three, and the figurines will be printed in high composite powder. Hence the figurines will have a clay-like texture and feel.  They even scale it to your proportionate heights, to capture the relative sizes between you and the little one.

       It takes 3 months to create the figurines out of Japan, and we wait excitedly!  

      Finally, they arrive in Singapore for the pop-up shop at Scotts Square!  

      Check out the Uu shop, you’ll see a row of local celebrities… And in the front window, there we are… Bubu and I! 



      This is the first time Bubu sees his mini figurine, and he is super excited when he sees it! He starts giggling and tapping on the glass. We can’t wait to be able to take home our mini figurines at the end of the exhibition! 


      The figurines can seem pricey, ranging from $900 to $2800 depending on sizes of the figurines, from 15cm to 35cm, but if you put it into perspective, it’s what one might (arguably) pay for a handbag! 

      These figurines do immortalize your little one (I actually wish I had been able to do this a year ago when he was at his roundest and chubbiest), and that’s truly priceless.  

      Uu is now at Scotts Square #03-14/15 from today till Nov 8 2015. 

      For more information, check out this super cute Uu video (Big U meet Small u) which also features Bubu in action:

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