Sensory Play Exploration – With Tickle Your Senses

Which kid doesn’t like playing with dough and making their own gooey slime! Sharing an awesome experience that we had with Tickle Your Senses when I discovered them at a pop-up event at Trehaus a couple weeks ago. 

These Sensory Play enthusiasts create workshops (and can even run activity stations at kids parties and events)  and sell cool, thoughtfully conceived toolkits that include water play beads and their own hand-made dough (which smells divine like essential oils, unlike commercial play dough).  He starts out by watching the fun, before getting his own bowl to make his own lovely slime!

   With the help of the sensory play specialists and founders of Tickle Your Senses, Felicia and Chiao Chyi, they pour in the ingredients that make up the slime and Tyler has a fun time stirring and mixing it all up!  

You can choose the color of your own slime, and we opt for the bright turquoise. 
Add the color into the paste and mix it all up…  

 Stir and stir until it develops a gooey consistency… Voila! Blue slime!     It’s a fun activity that kids can enjoy individually, with adult help, or in a group. 
  These two cousins enjoy making goo together (I think I should send them for cooking classes soon!)  

  You know what’s really awesome about the goo, it can even blow up into a balloon!  

Alas! I didn’t get any pics because Tyler hasn’t quite got the hang of blowing a balloon yet, but I saw some of the older kids doing it! Huffing and puffing… 
  Apart from goo, kids can also play with the dough, and buy the home play sets which come with rollers, cutters and stencils. 

Look at the cute packaging- this set below comes with body parts so you can make your own Mr Potato type characters.  They also make great gifts ($22.90 for the play dough tool kits, variety of themes to choose from including Farm animals, Alphabets etc).  

 He also really loves the Water Beads set ($18.90) that we bought. We didn’t play with them in the session at Trehaus, but we brought those water toolkits home for hours of endless water play that’s not too messy!   

Finally, I must share with you the Storytime Workshops that these awesome folks organize. Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site is one of Tyler’s favorite story books.  

 I can already imagine the fun he’s going to have – getting to make slime, play with construction vehicles that he loves in the muck, see, hear and feel his favorite story! 

 Check out their website now (above images from Tickle Your Senses) or find them on IG @tickleyoursenses for details on the 12 or 19 March sessions. I’ve already booked Tyler into the 19 March session as he had so much fun… And best of all, it’s also a DROP OFF workshop (for kids aged 3 to 6), so I’m going to chill with coffee at Jewel Cafe downstairs while my little monkey enjoys 90 minutes of Storytime and sensory play… Aaaaah, I’m looking forward to it already!

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