TYL3R Squadron Takes Flight! 

Which three year old boy doesn’t love airplanes! Mine was no exception, so we planned a party celebrating his love of all kinds of airplanes!   

 We booked the gorgeous event hall at Hort Park, which had a big enough space to contain the motorized airplane rides we rented, and also a lawn where we placed the plane-themed merry-go-round. 

The setup featured a long runway, a video screen to play his favorite Super Wings videos, a plane-themed bouncy castle and baby ball-pit and slide for the littlest guests, oh and not forgetting an X Box PlayStation with an air-combat game for the daddies!    


   Especially loving his Super Wings fondant cake topped with his favorite airplane Jett, from Little House of Dreams
 Airplane themed dessert and canapé table designed by Luxe Catering.  Sky blue and red theme for the dessert table. 


 Aren’t these propeller cake pops adorable?   I also got these cool aviator hats which were really popular with the little guests and looked great in photos! 

   Baby brother Jake enjoys the rides too! 
 Tyler’s flight suit is from an online store called Fly Boys, where you can choose the suit and the different patches to decorate.   

I ordered personalized Ts and luggage tags for the kids who came from the Tyl3r Squadron party-  Who doesn’t love personalized keepsakes!

    Don’t forget to create a nice spot for photos!

  A sky-print photo wall where guests can take photos!    The little ones love this airplane roundabout! 

  Venue rental includes a huge lawn where the older kids can play. One big tip: Don’t try to cater to kids of ALL ages. The best parties focus on kids within an age range, there’s no way you can entertain everyone from a 2 year old to a 10 year old, so I kept the party mainly to kids his age and capped it at six years of age. Big kids get bored easily and can play rough around small kids, so I find its best to focus on kids of a certain age and keep it tight – after all, it’s your little one’s party, not yours- and it’s all about his experience on his big day!   We did however, have a PlayStation on site for the biggest kids! Keeping the daddies happy helps everyone have a good time! 


Here we all are! Airplane themed party for my fly little guy … Now on to planning Jake’s first birthday party in 3 months!

Note: I can’t take the credit for planning the party, I had the help of my awesome team at Mercury Events… And if you love the photos, look for John at Episode Photography

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