Spa Escapes: ESPA (Resorts World Sentosa)

We (my two girlfriends and I) were looking for an afternoon escape, somewhere to lose ourselves – no kids!- and decided to take a half day off our hectic work schedules to check into ESPA at Resorts World.  

So THIS is the sight that greets you as you enter the green sanctuary that is ESPA. We feel an amazing sense of calm, as if we have entered an oasis a thousand miles from every day cares.

We start off with healthy juices at Tangerine, the spa cafe, unwinding before our treatments. The cafe is really pretty, filled with sunlight, set in a glass house nestled amidst a backdrop of water, nature and greens. They encourage us to wander out in our spa robes, and because it’s such an exclusive setting, we hardly see another soul, we are quite happy to do so! 

This is the Tea Lounge (below), where they pick you up for your treatments. It overlooks the heated Rock Pool- where you can enjoy an outdoor onsen-style experience pre or post-treatment. 
This is me (above), totally blissed out… We still can’t believe this is actually in Singapore – just 15 minutes away from the central business district!…and check out these awesome pods in the Sleep Lounge! They resemble First Class suite beds, and come with reading lamps for some quiet time. These would be so amazing if we were doing a full-day at the spa, or if you were just a frazzled, harassed mama who wanted to escape for an hour of total silence.

The spa treatment rooms aren’t as spectacular as the outdoor pool and lounge areas. The rooms are small and don’t have much of a view, but the skilled therapists and quality of our massage (all three of us compared notes after) – had us agreeing we could have done an even longer treatment (we did the 90 minute personalized massage). 

After our treatments, we roll out like pampered poodles to enjoy the hot rock pools, then jump into the cold plunge pool (gaaaaaaaah… such a hair-raising experience – chilling but super refreshing!). We also loved that there was a separate ladies only hot pool (picture below) and cold plunge pool connected to the changing area; the gentlemen have their own pools attached to their respective change areas.

We wrap up with a three-course healthy dinner at Tangerine, featuring cuisine by award-winning celebrity chef Ian Kittichai, who is renowned for mixing classic flavors with a range of innovative cooking techniques. While the menu at Tangerine is very small (only 2-3 options each for appetizers, mains and dessert), the dishes do not disappoint. See below – as yummy as its pretty!

To us, the highlight of ESPA is actually its lush resort-style design and ambience, set around a pond amidst a natural, tropical forest setting. With its outdoor pools and luxe lounges. I can’t imagine any city spa could give the same sense of complete escape.

I believe it’s very important for moms to have their own ‘me’ time. Sandwiched between the demands of work, family, kids and everything else – there’s very little self-time left. This spa getaway – even if just for a short half-day was like “chicken soup for the soul” – healing, rejuvenating, pure ‘me’ time to recharge and reconnect with old friends. 

It’s hard to say goodbye, and after just four hours here, we leave already planning our next Spa escape. 
Note: Prices for a 60 minute personalized massage start at SG$200 – but that would give you access to all the pools, lounges and facilities. Parking can add up to quite a lot for half day, but fortunately you can fully redeem parking with a minimum spend of $400 treatments at the spa.

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