IMG_1057“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I am an entrepreneur who has co-founded nine businesses, the tenth is on its way. As the founder of Mercury M&C (Events, PR, Creative), we are best-known for our fashion, lifestyle and luxury events and clients, and for being the organizers of Singapore Fashion Week (formerly the Audi Fashion Festival).  I am also the co-founder of CRIB ( a social enterprise which aims to empower women through entrepreneurship. 
I have two beautiful little boys – Tyler aka Bubu and Jake, they are my joy. I cannot wait to travel the world with them and to share a million experiences with them – first roller coaster ride, first African Safari, first ski trip, first road trip… 

This is my journal (mostly mummy stuff) , our story. You’re welcome to join us! 

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